My problems with Kevin O’Leary

I bought a $15 Conservative Party of Canada membership, so that I can vote in its upcoming leadership race.

The candidates are generally bad: a squeaky-voiced xenophobe, a carbon-tax-crazy South Park cutout, a businessman with Hell’s Angels ties, an incompetent former Speaker of the House… and Kevin O’Leary.

I like many of O’Leary’s policy proposals. Pipelines are good. Lower taxes and fewer dumb regulations are good. He understands Trump’s logic in renegotiating NAFTA; that is, the Donald is seeking greater control over Keystone. O’Leary favours increasing military spending, in line with NATO targets. He is neutral towards Russia. Good, good, good!

My problem with him is twofold:

  1. He’s not fluent in French. Canada’s two official languages are French and English. The Prime Minister, as representative of all Canadians, should know both.
  2. He retains Irish citizenship. The Prime Minister of Canada, being privy to national security secrets, should not appear to have conflicting loyalties. He should renounce his Irish citizenship at once.

I do not know whom to vote for. Bernier is the second best choice, but his ex-girlfriend was connected to the Hell’s Angels (which is kind of badass, but not for a politician).


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