I am teaching one of my undergraduate research students how to use QGIS. He made a funny map that satirizes Trump’s America (link).

In other news, Harvard economist George Borjas has good advice for the President-elect. Here are a few snippets:

What to do about the 11+ million undocumented immigrants already living in the country? I think the wisest answer is: For the most part, ignore them!.. Most of those immigrants have led peaceful and uneventful lives in our country and became part of our communities…

And what about legal immigration? The time has come to start talking about legal immigration more realistically… If nothing else, the widespread revolt against globalization makes it obvious that there are indeed losers… American workers had no voice in setting up a system that was bought and paid for by the economic interests that gain from increased immigration…

There is little doubt that high-skill immigration is far more beneficial—in an economic sense—than low-skill immigration. In fact, one could plausibly argue that low-skill immigration does not provide any net economic benefit, and likely generates a net loss.


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